Yoga Band

Item: YPEB004

Fashion style with soft fabric handle
Soft and strong handle brings extra comfort

Strengthen shoulder muscles guide a new model of shoulder movements
Prevent periarthritis of shoulder, cervical syndrome and mouse hand
2" width can dliminate oppressive feeling caused by stretched elastic band

Material TPR, non-toxic
Size Beeline shape: 6/9 x 1200mm, 7/10 x 1200mm,
8 x 12 x 1200mm
Figure - 8:6/9 x 1000mm, 7/10 x 100mm,
8 x 12 x 1000mm
Ring shape: 6/9 x 700mm, 7/10 x 700mm,
8 x 12 x 700mm
Thickness 1.5mm, 2mm, 3mm
Packing Puly bag, color box, double blister with color sheet