Item: SPBL001


Butyl Bladder Model
Excellent air-retention property
With the use of butyl rubber components, the air-retention capability is
significantly improved

Rubber Bladder
An alternative for latex bladders
Provide perfect capabilities of rebound and better air-retention for sports balls

Both suitable for the retail and recreational markets 

Superior air keeping, prevent air-leakage
problem from the valve hole

Quality Control
100% full inspection
To guarantee high quality products
clients receive:
1.Each bladder must be inflated for
24hours and pass leakage test
2.Spherical shape and appereance are
also inspected by our QC team

Manufacturing Technique
Double-layer technology is used to
make each rubber sheet composed by
two-layer material, to avoid pin-hole
leak problem

Product Package
Air compressed package
Needle is less than 3.3cm long

Material rubber / butyl