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Multifunction Series

Wooden Balance Board Trainer - Workout Guide to Exercise and Build Core Stability

Balance and stability training is one of the hottest trends right now because of its importance for a functional body and improved performance in everyday life and sports. Everyone from seniors to children to professional athletes benefits from a strong core and excellent balance. With the wooden balance board trainer, you can rock to a strong core, a stable body and toned muscles. It's a super fun way to challenge your balance and improve your coordination. The wooden balance board trainer is perfect for use at home, in the gym and in physiotherapy after injury. There is nothing more challenging and effective for your neuromuscular system than working out on an unstable surface.

With its non-slip surface and durable wooden design, the wooden balance board trainer is built to last and designed for safety. 360 degrees of rotation allows you to shift your weight in any direction and strengthen all major muscle groups with exercises such as single leg balances, plank supports and squats. It's also a great way to increase flexibility and stability in the ankles and feet. A wooden balance board trainer is a must for personal trainers, physiotherapists and coaches to help your clients achieve their fitness goals!

With our high-quality wooden balance board trainers, the trainer engages the whole body, targeting core muscle groups and underutilized muscles. Whether your sport is skateboarding, surfing or basketball, you can enjoy the benefits of improved reaction times! Great for shaping the legs as well as working the abs + core

ZHENSHENG Wooden Balance Board Trainer manufacturer- Wobble Board for Skateboard, Hockey, Snowboard & Surf Training - Balancing Board w/ Workout Guide to Exercise and Build Core Stability

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