Ankle Wrist Weight

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Ankle Wrist Weight

Wholesale Wrist And Ankle Weights Manufacturer - ZHENSHENG

Shop wholesale ankle weights online? ZHENSHENG wholesalers and manufacturers offer a list of factory-priced wholesale ankle weights products to suit all requirements! We manufacture wrist and ankle weights for globally renowned fitness Training companies and young brands in our network of world-class fitness factories. please get in touch with us if you are planning to manufacture Training wrist and ankle weights. We offer a wide range of wrist and ankle weights.

wrist and ankle weights are a great addition to home fitness equipment and physiotherapy clinics. These wrist and ankle weights are perfect for physiotherapy, jogging, yoga, pilates, dance and even weightlifting. Zhensheng uses comfortable outer materials and an adjustable best-fit design to increase resistance for all-day workouts or natural movement. These come in a variety of color-coded sizes and are even available in two multi-piece wrist and ankle weights sets.

Key features of wrist and ankle weights

Custom weight

2.25lb/1kg, 4.5lb/2kg, 9lb/4kg, 13lb/6kg, 17lb/8kg, 22lb/10kg, 26lb/12kg, 31lb/14kg, 35lb/16kg, 40lb/18kg, 44lb/20kg, 48lb/22kg, 53lb/24kg, 62lb/ 28kg, 70lb/32kg, 80lb/36kg, 88lb/40kg, 106lb/44kg.

wrist and ankle weights marking

If wrist and ankle weights are to be used fitness inside or outside the USA, it is recommended that pound and kilo markings are used. Colour-coded rings can be added to wrist and ankle weights to make it easy to spot the correct fitness weight during a workout. We recommend using colours that conform to the international fitness wrist and ankle weights standard.

wrist and ankle weights branding

The wrist and ankle weights brand logo can be placed in the shape of wrist and ankle weights by

- Custom molds

- Modification of existing molds

- Engraving

- Printing

Wearable comfortable

The main features of wrist and ankle weights are.

✓Comfortable and durable

✓Increased resistance to movement

✓Designed for versatility

✓Portable and easy to apply and remove

✓Great for physiotherapy

✓Colour coding for multiple sizes

How to use wrist and ankle weights

The wrist and ankle weights are the weights that are wrapped around each ankle.

Adjust the strap until it fits just above the ankle.

Once secured, perform the exercise.

Avoid excessive or prolonged use of wrist and ankle weights.

Why choose ZHENSHENG's wrist and ankle weights manufacturer?

ZHENSHENG is one of the best fitness equipment factories in the world. If you sell and promote wrist and ankle weights, please contact us!


What do wrist and ankle weights do?

A: wrist and ankle weights increase the resistance and impact of your exercise routine or workout. This makes the muscles work harder, resulting in more movement and a more effective workout.

What is the appropriate weight for wrist and ankle weights?

A: The ideal weight depends on the individual and their personal strength level.

How do wrist and ankle weights work?

A: The wrist and ankle weights are secured to the ankle by sturdy straps. The weights are surrounded by a padded shell that protects the ankle while adding support. With this extra weight, natural movement becomes more difficult.

Will wrist and ankle weights stiffen my legs?

A: Individuals can expect positive results if wrist and ankle weights are used correctly and at the correct intervals. Depending on weight level, wrist and ankle weights can help with cardiovascular fitness, strong muscles and even increase muscle mass.

Is it reasonable to exercise with ankle weights?

A: As long as the instructions are followed correctly, wrist and ankle weights can be a fun and engaging way to increase the difficulty level of a workout.

Provide personalized design and customization services for ankle wrist weights in different colors, styles and weights.

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