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Futsal Ball

Futsal Balls For Sale

Getting the right futsal balls is key for any team or individual. That's why ZHENSHENG manufactures and sells a wide range of different futsal balls to ensure we meet your every need and requirement. Choose from various futsal ball sizes (4.0mm PU+EVA) and quantities to keep your team on track and provide the ultimate professional futsal experience. These futsal balls are made from specially designed PU+EVA to meet all futsal rules. To find out more about futsal balls for sale, contact us!

Futsal balls are a variant of football, played mainly indoors. The spacing is small and the surface is usually hard. During the game, each team has 9 players instead of 5. Unlike football, there is no limit to the number of substitutions and no offside rule. futsal balls have smaller enclosed pitches and hard floors and walls, unlike regular football. futsal balls are smaller and not flexible. They are roughly the same weight as a normal football. The heavier weight and lack of elasticity are achieved by giving the ball a foam-filled airbag rather than an air-filled airbag.

The futsal balls are designed to be easier to control on a hard court as players cannot rely on the sidewalls to bounce the ball back into play. To get custom design futsal balls, contact us!

ZHENSHENG manufactures and sells a large range of quality, premium futsal balls that help players improve their agility, footwork, and necessary ball control skills. futsal balls are a game that emphasizes a player's ability to pass the ball in tight spaces and agility in ball control. For more information on our futsal balls for sale, you can contact us for more details on purchasing futsal balls.

Size of Futsal Balls

Futsal balls also come in different sizes. The smaller the size of the player, the smaller the ball should be. It is important to have the right size ball as you develop to learn correct control and technique and gain confidence. It is important to match the correct ball to the correct age group. Futsal balls for sale come in 3 main sizes: size 2: for children aged 7 and under, 21 inches, weighing 11 to 12 ounces; size 3 for ages 8 to 12, 23 inches, weighing 12/13 ounces; size 4 for ages 13 and up, 25 inches, weighing 14/16 ounces. Get custom-size Futsal balls, contact us!

The Difference Between Futsal Balls and Regular Football

To the eye, futsal balls look precisely the same as a football. If you play football, the first hint you see of a futsal ball is its size. futsal balls are smaller than a standard size 5 football.

If you cut open a football, the only thing inside is the airbag and the stitched edges of the shell. If you cut a futsal ball, you have these two elements, but between them is usually foam or padding.

The extra foam or padding of such futsal balls does three things.

Adds weight to the futsal balls

Reduces the bounce of the futsal balls

Alters the flight of the futsal balls

The heavier weight, reduced bounce, and damped flight characteristics are what make futsal different from indoor football. For example, 'bending' or 'curling' or 'curving' the ball into the top corner or upper 90 degrees is considered one of the perfect shots in football. futsal balls fly more directly than football balls. 


ZHENSHENG futsal balls for sale

Whether your client is just starting out or a futsal professional, ZHENSHENG is sure to help you with futsal balls to ensure you can start playing or practicing faster.

ZHENSHENG, as a futsal ball manufacturer, produces and sells quality futsal balls, designed for both indoor and outdoor use. futsal balls are manufactured to official size and weight regulations and can be used as a seamless transition between training and match futsal balls. The different futsal ball sizes available mean that we offer the best sizes for junior and professional players, while the range of pack sizes is suitable for those who wish to practice at home, or for coaches who wish to supply the whole team. We offer the best futsal balls for training sessions and matches or tournaments.

As ZHENSHENG is an industry leader in the manufacturer of futsal balls, we do our best to ensure that you have a wide range of futsal balls options, meanwhile provide personalized design and customization futsal balls for sale services for futsal balls in different colors and styles,  so that you can find exactly the futsal balls you need. buy now to get the futsal balls for sale you need!

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