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Yoga Wheel

yoga wheel for sale

The yoga wheel for sale is made from sustainable materials. Best tool for stretching/strengthening upper chest, shoulders, and back/spine. Yoga wheel to help with trying various positions. It helps with stretching.

As a specialist manufacturer of yoga products we can offer you yoga wheels in different sizes and shapes, colours and styles, 3-in-1 bundles, and high-end deals. Depending on your needs and budget, you will be able to pick the right yoga wheel and also customise the yoga wheel you need, start contacting us now.

the yoga wheel catalog and price is as follows:


1. The inner part of the yoga wheel is made of high-quality environmentally friendly ABS material, and the outer part is made of high-density, flexible and elastic TPE material, which ensures that the wheel can easily bear the weight of the body without making the user feel uncomfortable.

2. There is a non-slip line on the outside to improve the stability and safety of the exercise.

3. Since the design conforms to the shape of the spine, the yoga wheel is used to stretch the user's back and whole body.

4. The inside and outside are tightly combined, smooth, and will not hook clothes or scratch the user.

Custom Yoga Wheel Process

ZHENSHENG provides personalized design and customization services for yoga wheels with different materials, styles and market levels.

Confirm your preferred yoga wheel size and color and packaging

Sample test or video sample test

After the customer confirms the model, we will start the pre-sample, we will make the pre-sample and print your logo on it and send a picture or a video for the customer to confirm whether the pre-sample is normal.

If the pre-sample does not pass, we will rework, if it passes, we will start mass order production

After all bulk orders are completed, we will send yoga wheel bulk orders to customers

Picture Please pay the balance and confirm the delivery address after seeing the bulk order picture

Receive bulk orders and wait for customer feedback

If the customer receives the order successfully and everything is in order, the order is complete, if the customer encounters shipping loss or bulk order quality issues, we will contact the customer to resolve things like re-production or refunds.

we can give discounts for larger orders or special pricing for yoga studios and other businesses.

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