Super Band 2.0

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Super Band 2.0

bulk resistance bands

Do you want to buy bulk resistance bands wholesale to add to your fitness classes and the abundance of sporting goods on sale, bulk resistance bands provide a workout for the back, abdomen, waist and hips. Get light or high compression without compromising on comfort.

Custom-made, bulk resistance bands are a branding option, part of an extensive product line, an ideal gift for friends and family, and an ideal gift for gym goers to keep their body goals in check. Don't miss out on the selection of bulk resistance bands for beginners to be more advanced. Weightlifting can be done at home, in the gym, indoors and outdoors. The versatile high-capacity resistance bands are perfect for recreational reasons and sporting reasons alike.

Whether your bulk resistance bands are sold to adults or children, ZHENSHENG offers bulk resistance bands for all ages and genders. these bulk resistance bands are excellent in terms of quality and are made of sturdy materials that will last a long time. Buy bulk resistance bands from the manufacturer ZHENSHENG at affordable prices and great value deals. Here, you can find bulk resistance bands that range from different indoor games and recreation to outdoor games and fun to meet your bulk resistance bands for your retail business needs.

bulk resistance bands features

bulk resistance bands, sports exercise bands for men and women

bulk resistance bands, resistance exercise bands for home fitness, provide an advanced full body range of motion workout for muscles and joints.

bulk resistance bands, natural tear resistant, eco-friendly material, natural latex

bulk resistance bands, available in bulk, with customized packaging, printing, design, and logo

The bulk resistance bands are available in a wide range of resistance values and are available in light, medium, or heavy duty.

Low resistance: 15lbs-25lbs (7kg-12kg): the light resistance bands offer resistance of approximately 15lbs - 25lbs (7kg to 12kg) and are ideal for warm-ups and high rep ranges. They come in a light grey colour scheme and are packed in a handy drawstring mesh carry bag.

Medium Resistance: 25lbs - 35lbs (12kg - 16kg) Medium resistance bands offer approximately 25lbs - 35lbs (12kg - 16kg) of resistance and are perfect for a wide range of workouts and repetitions. They come in a dark grey color scheme and are packed in a handy drawstring mesh carry bag.

High Resistance: 40lbs - 50lbs (18kg - 23kg) Heavy duty resistance bands offer approximately 40lbs - 50lbs (18kg - 23kg) of resistance. This makes them the most challenging bands in our range and they are ideal when you really want to push yourself to the max!

Custom-sized bulk resistance bands, you can have them cut to the size you need, saving money compared to pre-cut resistance bands.

Function of bulk resistance bands

bulk resistance bands build strength and endurance

bulk resistance bands, stretching, strength training, and physiotherapy, improve muscle strength, tone and endurance by combining a range of motion, stretching and flexion to provide a progressive resistance training workout, ideal for bicep curls, lat pull, chest extensions, squats to side arm raises and many other exercises. The exercise bands are perfect for increasing muscular strength and endurance. They can be used on their own - users use the built-in resistance of the exercise bands alone - or they can be combined into bodyweight exercises such as push-ups for added difficulty. Unlike free weights, resistance training bands provide tension throughout the exercise, keeping the muscles fully engaged from start to finish.

bulk resistance bands stretch/flexibility/range of motion

If you are looking to improve overall flexibility or range of motion in a specific area, bulk resistance bands can be of great help. The tension in the resistance bands can help deepen any stretch you are currently performing. They can also be wrapped around the feet to provide anchor points for stretching the quads, inner thighs, hamstrings and glutes. Elastic bands are great for working the lower back, upper back and scapulae, rotator cuff, chest muscles and other areas to improve range of motion.

bulk resistance bands rehabilitation

Bulk resistance bands are a popular tool among physiotherapists. Elastic bands are ideal for physiotherapy, providing gentle tension to gradually strengthen muscles and stabilize joints after injury or surgery. Resistance bands are particularly effective in helping patients recover from rotator cuff or other shoulder injuries.

bulk resistance bands are suitable for all types of fitness enthusiasts

Elite athletes often use resistance bands to build explosive power, speed and velocity in the legs. For active exercisers or runners, resistance bands are a great way to stretch and warm up muscles before a workout, reducing the risk of injury. As the first step in a beginner's fitness journey, resistance bands remove many of the barriers that prevent people from exercising. If you are 55 or older, regular use of resistance bands can help you get stronger, gain flexibility, prevent bone loss and reduce arthritis pain. 

ZHENSHENG bulk resistance bands

Are you looking for a good deal on bulk resistance bands? 

ZHENSHENG provides personalized design and customization services for super resistance bands 2.0 with different colors and logos.

Explore a wide range of the best resistance bands at ZHENSHENG to find the perfect item for you! In addition to customized production of bulk resistance bands, you can also enjoy discounts on resistance bands during our great sales. The source for discount resistance bands and fitness products. We specialize in bulk resistance bands orders for sports teams, health clubs, corporate wellness, gift bags, schools, and more!

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