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Customize nbr yoga mat

NBR Yoga Mat, Eco-friendly,Anti-slip, SIZE COLOR LOGO and PACKAGE is customizable

Customized Discounted Now you can practice Yoga and other fitness moves in comfort with this NBR Yoga Mat. Made of high density NBR foam material, this ultra thick mat provides enough cushion to protect your knees, elbows, spine, hips and joints while still maintaining a good grip on the floor for balance. It comes with a handy handle strap with a strap for easy carrying. Logo welcome to customize. 72.05 L x 31.5 W x 0.39 Thick Yoga mat, Fitness mat, Exercise mat, Fitness exercise mat, Professional yoga mat, Eco-friendly yoga mat, Anti-slip yoga mat, High-density yoga mat, Anti-tearing yoga mat


– Eco-friendly, Recyclable, Biodegradable,Free of PVC, latex
– Sticky high-performance grip
– Unique Textures design for Anti-skid
– Double Layers featured with Two Tone Colors
– Durable, easy to roll up neatly and lighter to carry

NBR yoga mat sets have a lot of benefits  :

Firstly : this set include  includes a thick NBR non slip  yoga mat and 2 high density EVA
foam yoga blocks as well as a no slip yoga towel ,as we know yoga towel non slip is very
important during our yoga exercise since it can avoid potential yoga risk ,and the yoga
strap in thisbig yoga set also very helpful for stretch exercises, soyou have everything
you need for your home routine or gym class.

Secondly :the yoga strap will help you master your stretching exercises while the two
EVA yoga blocks provide added support to your back, head, and hips .

Lastly : from this set jump rope is designed with adjustable length function to fit
different need and foam handles also very comfortable to hold and use ,so except
for  yoga exercises ,can also add jump rope workout to make the yoga set

Customize nbr yoga mat

What is NBR foam and NBR Yoga Mat

NBR rubber foams are high-end hybrid materials, far superior to the usual PE, EVA in shock absorption, insulation, cushioning, flotation, acoustic absorption, Environmentally friendy …etc usage.

The NBR yoga mat  is soft and comfortable as an ideal yoga Pilates or exercise/gym/fitness mat.  NBR yoga mat offers excellent cushioning and memory. The material, NBR foam, is DOP-free, AZO-free, Low heavy metal and Phenol-free. The mat prevents absorption of sweat and microbes, and is certified safe for contact with infants. Compared to other material exercise mat, it is better at heat resistance, thermal insulation and waterproof. So it is suited for people of all ages. You can do some DRY YOGA where your hands and feet are sweat free.

The Material of NBR Yoga Mats

NBR (nitrile butadiene rubber) is a non-toxic synthetic rubber material that is used mainly in the field of the automobile industry, aviation, and marine. 

NBR Yoga mats are generally thicker than other materials’ yoga mats because of slow resilience after pressing. The advantages of this material are also a lot, such as high-density, waterproof, oil and heat resistance. In addition, the good elasticity of a NBR yoga mat can provide greater cushion, and avoid injuries. So, one who starts to learn yoga or practice some difficult movements can choose a NBR yoga mat.

The Price of A NBR Yoga Mat

The material of a NBR yoga mat brings a favorable price. Yoga novices always choose NBR yoga mats after taking any matters into consideration such as the price, the skills they use. 

The Thickness and The Size of a NBR Yoga Mat

A standard yoga mat is 68ft long, 24ft wide. The thickness can range from 0.8cm to 1.5cm. A moderate thickness like 1.5cm thickness will not only provide you an extra thickness to protect your knees and spine, but also keep your balance. An excessive thickness will easily result in losing balance.

Wavar provides two thicknesses: 2/5 and 3/5 inches, and we also accept customized thicknesses. 

The Traction of a NBR Yoga Mat 

One of the essential features of a NBR yoga mat is traction which will keep a yoga mat still and help yogis keep balance when doing yoga practice. Wavar's NBR yoga mats are curved with uniform lines to enhance the traction against the ground. What is more, when using NBR yoga mats we need to keep away from the moist ground to avoid eliminating the traction of a NBR yoga mat.

The cleaning and maintenance of a NBR yoga mat

The waterproof feature facilitates yogis a lot when cleaning a NBR yoga mat. You just need to disinfect NBR yoga mats with some common solutions and some water. 

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