Butyl Bladder

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Butyl Bladder

The bladder is one of the most important elements of a football and can affect all aspects of the football from air pressure, bounce, flight, shape and weight of the ball. 

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There are 3 main types of bladder that a football can have - latex bladders, butyl bladders and synthetic rubber bladders. Here we would like to introduce you mainly to the butyl inserts that we produce, our version of this insert has maximum air tightness, good performance, feel and control.

ZHENSHENG Butyl Bladder - Regular Competition/Club Training

The butyl ball has higher air retention but is slightly heavier and stiffer than latex balls. It doesn't feel as good as a latex ball, but it holds its shape better and can hold air for several weeks. Due to its excellent air retention and durability, it is suitable for regular matches or club training balls that require continuous use. Butyl balloons are made from a combination of butyl and rubber. Depending on the percentage of butyl, they are mainly available in 30% butyl bladders, 50% butyl bladders, 80% butyl bladders or customised to your required butyl content. The more butyl, the better the performance of the balloon.

Please contact us if you need a butyl liner, we will enhance your football experience as a professional butyl liner manufacturer.

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