eco friendly rubber yoga mat

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eco friendly rubber yoga mat

eco friendly rubber yoga mat

Whether you are just starting to consider entering the wonderful world of yoga or you are a master of yoga asana, stay tuned to this article as we begin our search for the best sustainable and environmentally friendly yoga mats.

In the last 6 months I have done more yoga than ever before. It's been fantastic. Working from home certainly has its advantages; I used to drive to the office every day, get there in 45 minutes and come back in 45 minutes. Now I use that time to focus my mind and body. #blessings

If you've ever lain on a yoga mat, you've probably smelled the synthetic smell that emanates when your face is pressed against it. This smell comes from PVC, a type of plastic known as polyvinyl chloride. pvc exhausts (or releases) volatile organic compounds or VOCs that we can inhale, which can have serious health effects. pvc is toxic and is used to make a whole host of household items, such as shower curtains.

Like all plastics, PVC is made from petroleum, which is very bad for the environment in terms of the way it is extracted, manufactured and discarded. It involves a lot of air, water and soil pollution, not to mention the carbon footprint of shipping it around the world.

PVC is naturally a very hard plastic. To make it soft and pliable, phthalates (they are hormone disruptors) are added to the material. Your body can then absorb these chemicals from your yoga mat by breathing. Not much zen there!

The other major problem with PVC is that it can't be recycled, so it ends up in landfills! Yoga is all about staying healthy - and that should include your mat!

eco friendly rubber yoga mat

How to choose the right sustainable and eco-friendly yoga mat for you

When choosing any sustainable product for your home, you need to pay close attention to the following points.


Where they source their materials from

Their environmental/green business procedures

Their ethical labour practices

Their community outreach and charitable donations

In this way, you can compare brands yourself and decide which green mat appeals to you most. So relax, channel your inner zen and keep scrolling.

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