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round yoga mats wholesale

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Round yoga mats - the definitive FAQ guide

Are you starting your yoga studio and need some durable round yoga mats? Or maybe your yogi clients have been bugging you about round yoga mats. But you don't know where to get them.

You're in luck! This FAQ guide will contain almost all the information you need about round yoga mats. 

We will provide you with a selection of round yoga mats, help you market them and even train you to find a reliable supplier.

Let's not wait any longer. And get straight to it.

What is the difference between a round yoga mat and other mats?

The main difference between a round yoga mat and other round yoga mats is their shape and size. Round yoga mats can accommodate all of the user's body. In addition, they can lie on them in any direction.

Whereas other yoga mats usually ignore the arms. And it can only be used on the longer side.

What types of round yoga mats can I buy?

Most commercial round yoga mats are made of synthetic materials.

The types of commercial round yoga mats are based on the material.


Nitrile rubber

Thermoplastic elastomer


PVC round yoga mats

PVC round yoga mats are the best selling and cheapest on the market today.

However, the chemicals and toxins in the material may irritate some sensitive health users. It can also be slippery when wet. The good thing is that PVC mats are very durable and will last a long time.

NBR round yoga mats

Round yoga mats made of NBR or nitrile rubber are waterproof and extra thick. This is why they are the most comfortable round yoga mats in terms of padding and cushioning. 

However, due to its thickness, it does not give the user much traction. It may stretch a little with continued use.

The NBR round yoga mat is recommended for heavier yoga students.

Thermoplastic Elastomer

TPE is an environmentally friendly rubber as it is recyclable. tpe round yoga mats are available in two types.

Open-cell TPE round yoga mats

The open-cell TPE mat is very absorbent and soft to the touch. Due to its porous nature, it is also breathable. However, it is not as strong as closed-cell foam.

Closed-cell TPE round yoga mat

Closed-cell round yoga mats are harder and firmer. This makes the round yoga mat more flexible. 

However, it is not very suitable for very active yoga practices. It does not absorb sweat very well. After 30 minutes of use, your yoga students may feel sticky.

Yanre Fitness' round yoga mats are made of TPE. Their TPE mats are waterproof and are very good at repelling bacteria and odours. It also comes in a variety of sizes. So, there is always a round yoga mat for everyone.

Microfibre round yoga mats

 The round yoga mat made of microfibre is very absorbent. It also has a very good grip and sticks firmly to the floor.

The microfibre absorbs sweat very well, which makes it more hygienic. Your yoga students or clients will appreciate this property of the microfibre. If you plan to distribute or sell it in your sporting goods shop, this is a good selling point.

However, synthetic round yoga mats are sometimes mixed with other materials as they can contain toxins and substances that can be harmful to some people. or made entirely of organic materials such as

Natural rubber tree





Natural rubber tree

Round yoga mats made from natural rubber trees have a good grip on the ground. They are also non-toxic and biodegradable. Ideal for clients and yoga students who conform to their ethical practices.


Cork has the property of becoming sticky when it gets wet. This is a good quality as when your yoga practitioners sweat they tend to slip and fall.

However, there is a downside to this. Cork-round yoga mats are also very porous and can absorb sweat and odours. You will therefore need to clean it regularly for hygiene purposes.


Yoga mats made of cotton were the most used round yoga mats in the past. That is because of its stickiness, absorbency and softness. Ideal properties for a round yoga mat.

However, as comfortable as they are, they are very thin and cause muscle soreness in your yoga clients or students.


 Jute is an eco-friendly round yoga mat that can be a great marketing angle for eco-friendly enthusiast yogis. 

They are biodegradable and naturally breathable. Another great selling point if you want to sell the round yoga mats you buy.


Hemp has the durable properties of PVC, but they are biodegradable. Hemp round yoga mats are made from woven yarns with high tensile strength and high elasticity. They also absorb water and retain heat better than cotton-round yoga mats.

What should I look for in a quality round yoga mat?

When looking for a round yoga mat for your gym, please consider the following qualities.






Environmentally friendly

Price range


Round yoga mats can be as thin as 1/16" or as thick as 3/4". 

Thin round yoga mats are easier to fold and give your students more hold on the floor. However, they may also bruise the knees and sore the body.

On the other hand, a thick round yoga mat will keep your yoga clients comfortable, but may not allow them to have enough connection with the floor. They can slip and fall while executing complex stabilising poses.

To solve this problem, you need to have round yoga mats in all thickness ranges. This way, you have something for everyone to use. 

Your lighter students can use a round yoga mat with thin edges. The heavier ones can use a thicker round yoga mat.


It would help if you also kept some yoga mats for those students who are allergic to synthetic materials. Keep five or six anti-allergy yoga mats for them. 

Recycled jute, cotton or other eco-friendly yoga mats may be suitable for yogis with sensitive skin or bodies.

Also, remember that the type of material determines the comfort and practicality of a round yoga mat. So choose the fabric of your round yoga mat wisely.


The best round yoga mats provide the user with great traction on the floor, on the skin and on the mat. Look for a round yoga mat that provides this important element for your students.

In addition, the texture of a round yoga mat will affect its comfort. Depending on the material, there are round yoga mats that are smooth to rough. 

But keep in mind that the degree of smoothness will make a round yoga mat smooth. A rough round yoga mat may also be too uncomfortable for some of your students or clients.


The durability of a round yoga mat is closely related to its material. PVC, hemp and rubber are the most durable materials for round yoga mats.


Adhesion determines how firmly a round yoga mat can hold the user on the floor. This can also translate into stability for your students and their safety when performing challenging balance poses.

The stickiest round yoga mats are made of PVC. But PVC round yoga mats will only stick if they are clean. So, as a gym owner, you must be careful that your round yoga mat is always clean to keep it sticky.


When you own the center of a sporting good or sign up with various leisure areas in commercial premises, you know that eco-friendly round yoga mats are a great selling point.

It is therefore worth your time to find an eco-friendly round yoga mat. You have plenty of choices, from cotton to jute, hemp, cork and more.

Price range

You must choose a brand and make a round yoga mat that meets your budget. You should be able to make a profit from it.

A very durable round yoga mat is recommended for gyms, recreational areas and relaxation places. The longer it lasts, the better.

For sports centers and retail shops, you may want to insist on selling more round yoga mats to the public. PVC and eco-friendly round yoga mats are the trend today.

Who will buy your round yoga mat?

This question looked at the demographics of people who buy your round yoga mat. They would be

Concerned about their health and fitness

From 20 to 30 years old

Mostly female

Have enough income to buy yoga equipment and clothing and attend yoga classes

Looking to reduce stress and gain more flexibility and strength

Maybe serious yogis seeking meditation and spiritual gains

Travel a lot and have an appreciation of the arts

round yoga mats wholesale

Why would your clients consider purchasing your circular yoga mat?

Buying a circular yoga mat may be a viable solution to a problem. People may want to replace or buy a new one for a number of reasons.

The following are common reasons why people want to buy a round yoga mat.

An amateur yoga student wants to buy an affordable yoga mat.

Trying to find a cooler and cuter yoga mat

A softer and more breathable yoga mat

The current mat may be too slippery

The current mat has thinned too much due to continued use

Current mat is too smelly

Need a mat that can be used in any direction

Need a mat that two or more people can use together

Possibly a gift

These are the reasons why your round yoga mat sells. As a smart businessman, choose a round yoga mat with features that solve these problems. 

When do people buy a round yoga mat?

As you know, timing is everything in business.

The peak season for round yoga mats is.

January and February

These are the months when the motto "New Year, New You" is very rampant. People want to take more care of themselves. A focus on health and fitness never fails.

Summer months

You have to be ready for summer before it arrives. A few months before summer, people want to look good in bikinis and swim trunks. They usually attend yoga classes to prepare for the hot outdoor summer fun. 

How can I promote my circular yoga mat on social media?

There are many ways to promote your circular yoga mat.

Take photo snapshots in a bright space. Focus on how users can make use of the wide space provided by a circular yoga mat.

Advertise with honesty and enthusiasm. This is the language of yogis. If you want to attract potential buyers, you have to lead it.

Let your customers know about the beautiful style of your circular yoga mat. While it may not be the reason for their purchase, looks never fail to attract. 

Shooting short extended yoga poses with your round yoga mat will be more appealing to buyers. When they see how to utilise your circular yoga mat, they will be convinced to buy.

Can you buy round yoga mats in wholesale?

Yes, you can buy round yoga mats in bulk. Round yoga mat manufacturers offer the best prices in terms of quality round yoga mats.

How much do yoga mats cost if I buy them at wholesale prices?

Round yoga mats can cost from $10 to $45 when purchased in bulk. The price depends largely on the material and design of the mat.

In addition, the price may decrease as the quantity purchased increases. However, you can always negotiate with your supplier.

Who should I buy a quality round yoga mat from in bulk?

Buy a round yoga mat directly from its manufacturer. Only the manufacturer of the round yoga mat can offer you a discounted price for a quality round yoga mat. All you need to do is meet their minimum order quantity. You will get a good deal with them.

Where can I find reliable manufacturers of high quality round yoga mats?

China is a great place to find suppliers of round yoga mats. The country has a large number of round yoga manufacturers that produce high quality round yoga mats at cheaper production costs.

ZHENSHENG is one of those reliable and experienced circular yoga mat manufacturers. The company has over 40 patents for its own fitness equipment. In addition, it uses the most advanced technology to produce round yoga mats. 

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