Yoga Ball Holder

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Yoga Ball Holder

Exercise ball storage and accessories - yoga ball holder

The yoga ball holder is a great choice to keep your yoga ball stable. ZHENSHENG manufactures yoga ball holders to fit most yoga ball sizes today - 55cm to 75cm - and we support customization to give your yoga business an extra boost.

Yoga ball holder features

The yoga ball holder is stable and provides stability and balance for the yoga ball chair, especially during physiotherapy or pregnancy, to ensure that the yoga ball or exercise ball does not roll.

The yoga ball holder arrives ready to use and is easy to use and store.

The yoga ball holder is sturdy and portable, and the balance ball chair frame can support heavy loads.

The yoga ball holder is highly adaptable: our stand is designed to fit any yoga ball office chair of 45cm, 55cm, 65cm, 75cm and 85cm.

yoga ball holder workout

Maximize muscle control by stabilizing the yoga ball holder! Keep tension and work through the rep in the following situations.

In an upright position, you will tighten your torso, lift your posture, support your back and reduce calories

Performing ball squats, hip abductions, leg curls, reverse bridges and toe raises

Strengthen the abdominal and back muscles needed for a smooth delivery

Strengthen your biceps and triceps with resistance bands attached to your base

Tone your back with hyperextensions, inverted rowing, and bridges

Tone your 6-pack with ball crunches, reverse crunches, sit-ups, folding knives, and curls

Sculpt your chest with incline presses, push-ups, chest flies, and bear hugs

Types of yoga ball holders

A yoga ball holder might hold three balls - small, medium and large - one on top of the other so that the shelf can be placed in a corner. On the other hand, a multi-purpose holder can hold a yoga ball on top while providing shelf space underneath for resistance bands, floor mats and various other equipment. The compact design and castors for rolling from one place to another provide mass storage but take up very little space.

Choose yoga ball storage rack

The two factors that determine the most suitable rack for you

A number of yoga balls

Working space: accommodating your equipment within the available space, the best choice of shelf or combination of shelves is the most convenient for your use

Placement: storing stability balls vertically saves space overall, but you should also take into account where they need to be placed to make them more accessible. If they are used in more than one room in your facility, you may benefit from placing smaller storage racks of stability balls in each room, rather than one large rack in a central location. The basic idea is to have them readily available when you need them and out of the way when you don't.

ZHENSHENG yoga ball holder

Your stable yoga ball holder is designed for action. The gym-grade construction and tough polymers of the ZHENSHENG support your yoga ball holder and ensure stability! ZHENSHENG also offers multi-functional yoga ball holders to enrich your product line and add more selling points to your products. As a manufacturer of yoga ball holders, we can provide you with customized products and services to meet you and your customers, and provide personalized design and customization services for yoga ball holders in different styles. Contact us today!

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