Comfortable Series

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Comfortable Series

Custom logo ankle weights


Exercise weights help you to wear and move more freely.

Comfortable to wear with adjustable elasticity.

Custom weights/logo/colours/packaging welcome

Adjustable wrist and ankle weights for gym workouts

 wrist weights ankle custom logo

Key features of custom logo ankle weights

Wholesale custom sizes

2.25lb/1kg, 4.5lb/2kg, 9lb/4kg, 13lb/6kg, 17lb/8kg, 22lb/10kg, 26lb/12kg, 31lb/14kg, 35lb/16kg, 40lb/18kg, 44lb/20kg, 48lb/22kg, 53lb/24kg, 62lb/ 28kg, 70lb/32kg, 80lb/36kg, 88lb/40kg, 106lb/44kg.

custom logo ankle weights for branding

The custom logo ankle weights branding is available in the following ways

- Custom moldings

- Modification of existing molds

- Engraving

- Printing

custom logo ankle weights features

1. adds constant but comfortable resistance to your workout 

2. Helps burn fat and build muscle.

3. Ideal for yoga, running, aerobics, Pilates, walking, travel, home workouts, and core training.

4. Made from the highest quality fitness materials and available in a variety of colors.

5. Exercise weights help to wear and move more freely.

6. Comfortable to wear with adjustable elasticity.

7. Custom weights/logos/colors/packaging are welcome

ZHENSHENG custom logo ankle weights

Shop online for wholesale ankle weights? ZHENSHENG wholesalers and manufacturers offer a list of custom logo ankle weights products at factory prices to suit all requirements! We manufacture custom logo ankle weights for globally renowned fitness companies and young brands in our network of world-class fitness factories. if you plan to sell custom logo ankle weights, please contact us. We offer a wide range of custom logo ankle weights. ZHENSHENG provides personalized design and customization services for ankle wrist weights of different colors, patterns, weights, logos, and market levels.


Custom Ankle Weights

Custom Design, Custom Logo, Custom Size

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