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wooden wobble roller board for exercise sports 

This wooden wobble roller board for exercise sports offers an exciting way to improve your balance, core strength, body control and agility. The wooden wobble roller board is also an effective training tool for athletes in a variety of sports requiring a high degree of balance such as skateboarding, snowboarding, surfing, skiing, paddle boarding and wakeboarding.

Are you looking for a training tool to build core strength? Our wooden wobble roller board for exercise sports is a perfect choice. It will fully exercise your legs, and abdominal and core strength, help you lose weight and learn to keep your balance. With our wooden wobble roller board for exercise sports, you can do better in surfing, skateboarding, skiing, yoga, and much more. In addition, the birch and cork wood make it durable and resistant to warping. The anti-slip blanket provides greater stability and safety. On top of that, it is lightweight and small, making it easy to carry and store. The rounded corners protect your skin. Reasonable dimensions ensure universal use.


Non-slip mat on wooden wobble roller board for exercise sports provides a safe touch and ensures absolute safety

Sturdy construction supports up to 300 lbs without deformation

A thick, tear-resistant TPE layer on the rollers prevents slipping and sliding

Non-slip rollers are suitable for different types of surfaces

A professional tool for building muscles and improving balance

Builds better balance for surfing, skateboarding, skiing, yoga and more

Multi-layer poplar and eucalyptus laminate for durability and strength

Smooth roller surface for easy rolling

Anti-slip blanket for greater stability and safety

Lightweight and small size for easy carrying and storage

Rounded corners for better protection of your delicate skin

Reasonable size for most people

Ideal for home, office, and gym

Easy to clean with a damp cloth

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