Oct. 26, 2022

10 Benefits Kettlebells Can Change Your Body

Today, every gym has kettlebells, including large commercial fitness gyms. Clearly, kettlebells have become a staple training tool throughout the fitness industry, and the benefits of kettlebells have been recognized. They are used by everyone from amateurs to professional athletes to traditional weightlifters...

However, there are still some people, possibly including yourself, who are skeptical about whether kettlebell training should be included in their training program. Well, if you have any doubts, we are here to tell you that you definitely shouldn't.

Why is that? You might ask. 

Are kettlebells actually effective? What kettlebell benefits and performance and physical enhancements can I expect to achieve?

We have answers.

Kettlebells training

kettlebells training


This question may sound ridiculous to some people, but it's important to build a foundation. Real kettlebells are made of cast iron or steel. The kettlebell is shaped like a cannonball with an attached handle. Visually, some people compare it to a teapot without a spout -- called a kettlebell.

Kettlebells first gained recognition about 350 years ago, when Russians began throwing them around for fun and later for weightlifting. Although there is also a theory that the ancient Greeks first invented them in the 5th century. Either way, kettlebells are very effective at burning calories and can be used to build endurance in both the lower and upper body.




Based on research, personal experience, and opinions from the fitness community, here are 10 benefits of kettlebells and kettlebell training:

1. Low-Impact Cardio

While traditional cardiovascular exercises such as jogging can be a huge asset for strength athletes, they can put a lot of strain on the body. Lightweight kettlebells can be very effective if you want to burn calories in a short amount of time. In fact, many believe it is more effective than steady-state aerobic exercise in burning fat, boosting metabolism, muscle endurance, and improving cardiovascular health. The key is to keep your heart rate high throughout your workout.

2. Full-Body Strength

The amazing thing about kettlebells is that they're not just good for your heart and lungs. They can also help your muscle strength soar and even add weight to your whole body. Because most kettlebell exercises work the muscles from head to toe. Kettlebell movements tend to be either very slow and deliberate - like kettlebell windmills - or fast and explosive, like the clean and press. Both types activate muscles throughout your body, making your core stronger and more stable. With kettlebell exercises, you will get a strength boost throughout your body, with a special emphasis on your core.

3. Serious Fat-Burning Workouts

ACE did a study that showed that rocking kettlebells can burn 20 calories per minute. A 20-minute workout has about 400 calories! To do this, you need to run at a pace of six minutes per mile. What's more, kettlebell weight loss training is usually intense, so you also have post-burn effects. This is called EPOC, or excess post-exercise oxygen consumption. For those who don't know, this means you'll be burning calories at a higher rate long after your workout is over.

4. Builds Lean Muscle

Kettlebells will make you look great and move even better. Kettlebell exercises don't build as much muscle as barbell exercises. Instead, it increases the amount of muscle tissue. You will notice people who take kettlebell training seriously. They train very hard and their muscles are very strong. They have lean muscles, not the big, heavy bodies of the toned type. 

 5. Improves Posture

To do a proper kettlebell swing, you need good posture from start to finish -- a posture you can maintain in other workouts and in your daily life. When you perform the kettlebell swing properly, you need to keep your spine straight, your core and hips engaged, and your pelvis neutral. This simple adjustment can help train your body to use the core and hinges of your hips instead of straining your back.

 6. Improves Weaknesses & Muscle Imbalances

Everyone has muscle imbalances, but not everyone takes action to correct them. Kettlebells can help you identify weaknesses in strength, movement, and coordination. You may notice a lack of flexibility in your overhead position, or that your right side is stronger than your left. When you notice this, you can easily target specific areas and perform actions that help you solve the problem. Kettlebells can help you feel comfortable in uncomfortable positions, which is very true for those who have been training with barbells and machines for a long time.

7. Improves Joint Health

If you have chronic pain -- whether it's in your shoulders, waist, hips, knees, or ankles. Kettlebell exercises help retrain your body to move properly. Kettlebell handle design reflects the objects we use in our daily lives -- doorknobs, backpacks, shopping carts... Almost anything you lift, pull, or push can affect your body's movement and cause pain if you don't move correctly. Kettlebell training can carry over to these objects used in daily function, making it an ideal exercise for restoring body mechanics and function.

8. Versatile Workouts

You don't need a gym membership or expensive equipment, just a kettlebell to transform your look and feel. Kettlebell exercises are very flexible, you can vary the exercises according to your skill level, and using just one kettlebell can make them easier or more challenging. You can take kettlebells anywhere. You can exercise outdoors in your favorite scenic spot. This is a great way to spice up your training. 

9. Enhance Grip Strength

Grip strength is one of the most important things in fitness and life. Almost all sports involving weight lifting use grip strength. The more grip you have, the stronger you will be. If you keep doing kettlebell training, you will develop a very strong grip. This is because the weight of a kettlebell does not rest in the center of the palm as a barbell does. Kettlebells have an offset center of gravity, usually about 6 to 8 inches from the handle you're holding on the handle and are therefore more difficult to control.

10. Improve Heart Health

You probably already know that aerobic exercise is good for your heart because it uses oxygen and increases your heart rate. Since kettlebell swings count as aerobic exercise, they can also keep your heart strong. A small 2021 study found that kettlebell exercises may also help lower blood pressure, but more research is needed in this area.

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